Delego: Software to optimize your trademarketing processes

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Delego: Software to optimize your trademarketing processes

Delego is a cloud-based software designed for companies with field workers, such as merchandisers, aiming to optimize the execution of their product placements and trade marketing processes at the point of sale. We connect all stakeholders in the chain through algorithms and intelligent maps based on resource location.

We drive growth and innovation in your brand's strategies

Process optimization

Delego enables you to organize everything from route planning for merchandisers to gathering information at the point of sale, significantly reducing the time and resources required for these tasks.

Advanced-Data Analysis

Delego provides access to all the information gathered by your merchandisers at points of sale, allowing you to understand consumer behavior, market trends, and the performance of your trade marketing strategies. By using our software for merchandisers, you can extract deep and meaningful insights through our native integration with Power BI, regarding your products' display according to your Perfect Store strategy, Share of Shelf measurement, and validation of shelf and aisle conditions, among others.

Enhance your presence at the point of sale

Increase brand loyalty by optimizing your presence at the point of sale. Ensure proper placement and presentation of your products, verify the presence of POP material, and obtain key information about your competition through innovative and customizable forms, capturing shelf photographs, store manager signatures, scanning QR codes of your displayed products, and much more.

Real-time location

Knowing the merchandiser's location is no longer an issue with Delego. With our merchandiser management software, you can track in real-time when the merchandiser arrives at the point of sale, the time spent on each visit, and much more.

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Key benefits


Save costs, improve service levels, and increase sales


Increased brand visibility

Enhanced compliance with negotiated spaces - Share of Shelf

Effective control of your POP material and merchandising

Comprehensive management of brand activations and BTL strategies

Tracking of promotional initiatives

Reduced time for price changes

Increased customer loyalty to your brand

Turn your merchandisers into superheroes and wow your customers

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