Delego: Software for optimizing home service management

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Delego: Software for optimizing home service management

Delego is a cloud-based software designed for companies with field workers, such as technicians performing home services, aiming to optimize the execution of activities. We connect all stakeholders in the chain through algorithms and intelligent maps based on resource location.


We boost the quality of your service and the satisfaction of your customers

Process optimization

Delego allows you to optimize everything from planning your visits to managing the subsequent verification of service quality, significantly reducing the time and resources required to carry out these tasks.

Comprehensive visualization of your operation

Delego provides a complete, real-time visualization of your entire operation, including the location of your workforce, your customers, available personnel, task compliance, execution receipts, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Enhancement of customer experience

With Delego, you can create unique and memorable customer experiences, increasing loyalty and engagement, thanks to the ability to provide 5-star service with continuous monitoring and automatic notifications via email or WhatsApp. Ensure that your service is always impeccable with Delego.


Real-time Location tracking and information capture

Knowing the whereabouts of your staff is no longer a challenge with Delego. With our service management software, you can track in real-time when the technician arrives at the client's location, capture photographs of the service outcome, collect the customer's signature, and much more.

Join Delego today and unlock your next level of execution!

Key benefits 


Save resources, improve service levels, and grow your customer base


Get immediate access to information for decision-making

Maintain real-time control and monitoring of services

Eliminate manual processes and excessive paperwork

Enhance communication with your customers and agents

Increase your efficiency and profitability

Optimize your service management

Boost customer satisfaction

Turn your agents into superheroes and amaze your customers


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